Mood Lighting

LED up-lighting is also known as mood lighting or creative lighting and provides the perfect finishing touch to your special day.

These lights, when strategically placed, create a wash of light in your choice of colour against walls of your venue or the fabric of a marquee. They can be programmed to one colour,  a mixture of colours, or cycle slowly between colours of the spectrum.

For any event mood lighting dramatically changes the look and feel of your room or marquee, giving that amazing wow factor, especially when matched to your wedding’s colour theme.

They are ideal for weddings and stay cool so little wandering hands won’t get burnt.

I will visit your venue, locate the best position for the up-lighters to be placed for maximum effect, and quote you the fee for this service.

If your venue is a marquee I can also provide outside lighting, path finder lamps and flood lights so you don’t get caught in the dark.


For more information or to book a one to one meeting please contact Andy today.