Your Name In Lights

Have you ever wanted to see your names in lights?

A unique finishing touch is to have your names projected onto a wall, dance floor or the entrance to your reception.

This is achieved by placing a metal or glass disk (gobo) in front of a suitable light source. This disk has your names imprinted on them, the light then passes through the disk emitting your name onto the selected surface.

It’s quick, easy and fun to design your own gobo using my online gobo designer tool. When you book DJ Andy B I will issue your password so you may login and start your own personal design.

If you have arranged wedding stationery I can also use the artwork designed as your gobo so all items match.

You have several options of how your names/gobo are projected;

  • Colour:            Single, changing or multi colour gobo
  • Movement:    Static or moving
  • Location:        Inside or outside
  • Size:               Can set as required
  •  Number:       Multiple

After your event I will return your gobo, framed as a memento of your special day.

Prices start at £175 for one static, single colour projection of your names/gobo set up inside your venue. Ordering two or more gobos of the same design saves considerably so a second disk could be used for behind your cake or even projected outside your venue.

If you have booked this option please login here to start your own design.